Hong Kong Committee

Asia is the largest continent inhabited by about 4 billion people of different culture and religion. This continent is very diverse, in terms of different destination. Many attractions make trips to Asia, for example, do very attractive for mountaineers who climb Mount Everest in China, with its climb to 8848m. There are many tourists it attracts each year during the holidays or vacation time to Asia, such as in the beautiful East Asian Thailand, which the tourist offers many hotels, which can differ depending on the star service in the comfort or for example in the price. Tourists can discover in Thailand but also many attractions, such as the floating market of Damnoen Saduak, about 100 km north of Bangkok, the beautiful capital of Thailand.

Another really fascinating attraction of Wat Chalong Temple, the largest temple on the island of Phuket, are revered in which two monks known for their outstanding medical skills. The beach of Patong in Phuket is well worth the walk, which annually attracts many tourists. Asia is of course much more. It attracts many tourists to the Middle East to Turkey, where you can discover a lot. Istanbul, for example, extending in part on the Asian side offers tourists when traveling to Asia, many attractions, including museums, theaters, and many old buildings that have remained well preserved until today, but must be restored frequently. A well-known attraction in Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia, which is one of the most famous monuments in Istanbul. After the Hagia Sophia was a church in the Byzantine Empire, it was after the conquest by the Ottoman mosque. The Maiden's Tower, the lighthouse from the 18th Century, which counts as the most beautiful landmarks of Istanbul, is worth a trip to Istanbul a visit. Another Near East country that is very popular with tourists when traveling to Asia, the United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi with, which is known for luxury hotels, buildings and international construction projects. A well-known construction project is the recently built Formula 1 race track, with a built luxury hotel which offers fantastic views of the racetrack.

One has to exercise in Abu Dhabi is also the possibility many sporting activities, such as to take a desert tour with experienced guides, or to play football as volleyball and much more when traveling to Asia.